Your Safety Concerns

  • 1: Can I get fitted if I have an ear infection?

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    If you are experiencing ear pain/infection, have had mastoid surgery,
    currently wear ear tubes or have a perforated eardrum, please contact
    a medical practitioner before using this product.

  • 2: Is it safe to insert the fitting bladder in my ear?

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    Our patented earpiece system was developed under the advisement of
    our medical board consisting of Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists (ENT).
    Our earbuds reach no deeper than the medically safe outer 1/3 portion
    of the ear canal, or in other words, these earbuds reach no deeper than
    the disposable foam earplugs that millions of industrial workers
    use everyday.

  • 3: Will the liquid silicone flow into my ear?

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    During the shaping process, nothing ever touches the ear other than the
    hermetically sealed bladder of the earpiece. The safety of the product
    is thoroughly tested, including the strength of the bladder which can be
    expanded to over 12 times the volume of silicone that is contained in the
    fitting system. Sonomax has been using this in-ear expansion technology
    in its custom-molded hearing protection over the last 10 years, and there
    are now over 100,000 users of this technology in the form of the Sonomax
    hearing protector.

  • 4: Should I be concerned about allergies to silicone?

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    We use only medical grade hypoallergenic silicone for our custom molded
    earphones. It is the same silicone that is certified for use in medical
    implants. You know your allergy history best, so if you are concerned, then
    you should speak with your doctor regarding your allergies before you use
    this product.

How It Works

  • 5: What does it feel like to get fitted? Will it hurt?

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    No, getting custom fitted earphones will not hurt at all. You may feel the expansion of
    the earpiece in your ears for the first 30-45 seconds. It may feel strange
    at first but don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal! As the earpiece takes on the
    shape of your ear canal, you experience less and less noise from the outside
    world coming in — some people describe it as a Zen experience.

  • 6: How do I know if my earphones were fitted properly?

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    If your custom earphones feel comfortable and seal your ear-canal so you are
    listening at safe levels, you have a successful fit.

  • 7: Why do I need the over-the-ear loop?

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    The ergonomically-shaped earloops provide maximum security for
    maintaining the in-ear position and acoustic seal of your custom made earphones
    during extremely active performance. The earloop is also beneficial in
    attenuating sound of wire rubbing against clothing which is typically
    experienced when the ear is occluded (acoustically sealed). The wire
    noise is known as microphonics.

  • 8: Can I get more bass sound?

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    A snug seal will greatly enhance bass response, so be sure that your
    eers™ custom molded earphones are properly positioned. Use lubricant and don’t be afraid
    to give them that extra little rotate/wiggle and gentle push-in to get that
    desired snug seal.
    Most music players allow you to tune your sound signal to the
    desired response

  • 9: Now that I have my eers™, can I wear them right away?

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    Yes. Once your  eers™ are complete you can begin to use them
    right away.
    Note: Your ears most likely have never worn custom-molded earphones
    before. Custom buds will be the most comfortable earbuds you have ever
    owned, but you will need to break them in, just like a new pair of shoes.
    For the first week, wear your custom earphones for only a short period and
    gradually extend the time. By the end of the week, you should be able to
    enjoy your earphones for extended periods without any discomfort.

  • 10: How do I store my earphones?

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    Simply put your faceplates back to back and then gently wrap the cord
    around your fingers. When the cord is wrapped, place in the pouch
    provided to store neatly or travel with.

  • 11: I really like the fit, but I hear myself when I walk or eat, is this normal?

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    Yes, this is normal. The effect is called Occlusion Effect. This effect occurs
    when the ear canal is acoustically sealed, vibrations like talking and
    chewing no longer escape through an open ear canal—simply put, you
    hear them more. Your eers™ are designed to seal your ear canal
    from outside noise, thus filtering out louder external sounds and enabling
    you to hear your music better and more clearly.

Use + Care

  • 12: Is it okay to use my earphones in all temperature and
    environmental conditions?

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    Yes, eers™ are designed for active performance, at the gym or
    outdoors, rain or sunshine. However, eers™ earbuds are NOT
    waterproof so please do not wear while swimming or drop them in water.

  • 13: Where can I get more earphone lubricant?

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    You can use any water-based lubricant on your customized earphones.

    Some people simply use just water droplets or even saliva.